Candidate Experience & Onboarding 30 – 90 days

Measuring Your Onboarding

Talivest Onboarding Insights measures the key elements to increase productivity, engagement & retention.

Collect insight into the recruitment process with gathering candidate experience insight within your onboarding survey.

There are four key elements to effectively measure onboarding.

  • How engaged and invested a new employee is
  • How well they’ve integrated into the company
  • How quickly they’re fulfilling their roles & responsibilities
  • How likely they are to stay

Why it’s important to measure Onboarding at 30 and 90 Days.

Talivest Onboarding 30 days: Focus on gathering insights on the recruitment process, Induction, Training and Employee experience.

Talivest Onboarding 90 days: Focused on gathering insights on how engaged the employee is, did the role meet their expectations (fit), what are the skills gaps (productivity) and how long they plan to stay (early intervention/retention)