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Declan Cassells

Declan is our Head of Product and in-house Talivest DJ. You’ll find Declan making playlists, running marathons or rocking out on the bass.

Blog Posts by Declan Cassells

9th November, 2018

The New Employee Exit Interview that Saves Time

Sentiment analysis is our new employee exit interview feature. It will help your team save time and organize the results...

24th September, 2017

Baby Boomers and More – The Different Work Generations

In today’s workplace, you have four to five different generations working together, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z.  ...

10th August, 2017

3 Common Mistakes Organisations Make with Exit Surveys

Do you conduct exit surveys within your organisation? Great, you might be among the 79% of medium sized companies or 91%...

28th September, 2016

Why Our Alumni Engagement Platform is Designed for Emotions

One of the most challenging and exciting parts of working in UX, especially on an alumni engagement platform, is immersi...

4th April, 2016

Is LinkedIn Enough for Your Company’s Corporate Alumni Group?

Don’t get me wrong: I love LinkedIn. There are many things that they do extraordinarily well, but group management isn...

12th February, 2016

How HubSpot is Nailing its Alumni Community

It sounds like a commencement speech: “Nothing would make Dharmesh and I prouder than seeing a huge number of succ...