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Jayne Ronayne

Jayne Ronayne is Talivest’s CEO and Co-Founder. You’ll find Jayne travelling the world, doing yoga or listening to The 2 Johnnies podcast.

Blog Posts by Jayne Ronayne

25th May, 2018

What Does Exit Survey Software Really Offer?

A recent water cooler conversation reaffirmed what exit survey software really offers companies and employees – an...

16th February, 2018

Goodbye KonnectAgain, Hello Talivest!

KonnectAgain is now Talivest. When we started ‘KonnectAgain’ it was driven by solving a problem that we thought at t...

5th August, 2017

Are Millennials More Extroverted Than Previous Generations?

Blog written by Aoife Lenox, Communications and Training Consultant who helps organisations build positive employee ex...

12th July, 2017

How to Drive Engagement with Generation Z and Millennials

At the moment, organisations are trying to adjust, strategise and create a workplace to engage Millennials and Generatio...

25th October, 2016

Why You Need to Be Attracting Millennials to Your Company

The fact that you need to be attracting Millennials to your company is taken as a prerequisite these days. However, if w...

5th October, 2016

How A Great Employee Onboarding Experience Saves You a Fortune

It’s a war zone out there!  The competition for talent is real, and if you win the war how do you hold onto it?  The...

11th April, 2016

The Power of Techstars

Sir Richard Branson must hear an absurd number of pitches. So when he advised the powers-that-be at Virgin to listen to ...

11th January, 2016

Why you Should be Aware of Boomerang Employees

Boomerang employees are defined as employees who leave a company and eventually get hired back. According to a recen...

19th November, 2015

If the Shoe Fits, Boomerang

Anna loved working at Converse. She was comfortable, challenged, recognized and high-performing (not to mention the reci...

28th September, 2015

33 and Counting: PwC Corporate Alumni Network

This week we chat with John Boyle about the success about the PwC Corporate Alumni network.  Last week, we explored the...

8th September, 2015

Don’t Say Goodbye to Great Talent

There are 118,000 corporate alumni LinkedIn groups, including 98 percent of the Fortune 500s. LinkedIn is a phenomenal w...

10th July, 2015

Connecting the Dots…Why I Started Talivest!

We’ve all heard that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” but for me this theory has become the reason...

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